About Us
We love sleep and mattress. Therefore, we do our job lovingly.
We dream of a beautiful future in which people sleep comfortably in immaculate mattress and wake up happy. Because we know that one third of our lives go to sleep. Sleep determines our quality of life. It is scientifically proven that vigorous wakers spend the day more enjoyable, and those who sleep uninterrupted are more resistant to stress and fatigue. It is a known fact that mattress quality can have an impact on human health.
That is why Pofuduk’ta mattress is designed and produced as a health object. Pofuduk products are preferred frequently by those who value healthy and uninterrupted sleep and who want to provide the perfect sleeping environment to their customers just like us.
In addition to utilizing new generation technologies in our production process, they are reliable in the knowledge and skills of the most skilled craftsmen. Each of our products bearing the signature of Pofuduk is meticulously controlled by our chief craftsmen in order to provide you with the promised sleep comfort and superior quality.
With more than 40 years of experience, we produce the mattress that we designed with the awareness that each body is different, by using superior technology with natural materials. Our friendly sales representatives are always on hand to help you find what you need. They help you find what you need from our wide range of products, from spring mattresses of different specifications, visco, latex mattresses, mattress sets, mattress bases and headboards to custom-designed yacht mattress. In the meantime, the R & D activities at the center continue at full speed, while the sales and marketing work continuously, after-sales customer relations continue with the same care.
In addition to sleeping products that enable you to sleep well and wake up well, our models suitable for modern life, as well as offering special size options for hotel products that we produce specially for the tourism sector, make Poduduk different. In addition to special designs for babies and children, designs considering elderly and patients are also unforgettable.
We continue to offer rational solutions with innovative products inspired by nature and designs that add value to living spaces in order to beautify your life while making it easier.
Because you deserve better…