Brooklyn mattress, your greatest supporter for a quality life, will be the best friend of the shoulder, hip and body joints with its technology that offers a perfect sleep experience at night, the ESS Pocket Spring system consisting of springs that react independently from each other, and its privileges that increase comfort to high levels. It provides ergonomic support for your sleep by adapting to different sleep patterns. The Doucinelle fabric with velvety touch enables air transfer and prevents the formation of bacteria and dust mites.

Perfect Spine Support Pocket Spring System Pocket Spring System mattresses, which prevent spouses from being disturbed by the turns during sleep, provide uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

Meticulous Mattresses Santized technology puts an end to bad odors in the mattress. Your mattress stays clean for years.

  • 90x190
  • 90x200
  • 100x200
  • 120x200
  • 140x190
  • 150x200
  • 160x200
  • 180x200
  • 200x200
Roll Pack
As Pofuduk Yatak, we have developed a new packaging system for you by following the technology continuously. Thanks to the pressure applied, our products are rolled in cylindrical shape. The Roll-Pack system provides transportation and transportation without any damage and deformation to our mattresses produced with the latest technology. With this process, our products are minimized transport fees in export.